4th at Square is a new Windows app for the foursquare™ service.
It supports Windows 8 and Windows RT, and is now available in two versions:

Full version –
Available on the Windows Store for $1.99.

New! Lite version –
Available on the Windows Store for free.


  • Check in to nearby locations
  • See what your foursquare friends are up to.
  • Explore what’s around you
  • Search for places nearby
  • Get a reminder to check-in when you’re at a new location, even if you’re not using the app (can be disabled in Settings). Paid edition only.

You can share ideas or feature requests on the Feedback page, or for support issues, visit the Support page.

This application uses the foursquare® application programming interface but is not endorsed or certified by Foursquare Labs, Inc. All of the foursquare® logos (including all badges) and trademarks displayed on this application are the property of Foursquare Labs, Inc.

Recent Posts

Introducing 4th at Square Lite – Free version, available now.

A new, free edition of 4th at Square is now available in the Windows Store. 4th at Square Lite shares the same codebase as the paid version and the same feature set, with the following differences:

  • Does not support background updates to the live tile.
    • (It will still update when you check-in or view the Friends page)
  • Does not support notifications (i.e. check-in reminders, or nearby friends).
  • Contains advertising.
  • Contains “nag text” at the bottom inviting you to install the paid version.

My plan is to keep both versions in sync for all future updates. However, it is possible that additional features may be added to the paid version which won’t appear in the free one. This is particularly true for future updates which will make use of a server back-end (i.e. notifications whenever a friend checks in, and live tile updates for pinned locations or friends).

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